Posted on February 8, 2024

What’s Happening with the ACP?

The ACP, a program designed to support low-income households accessing affordable internet services, is undergoing crucial changes. The $14.2 billion fund allocated by Congress is expected to be depleted by April 2024. This estimation is subject to change, but it is important to be aware of the impact this could have.

Key Changes and Dates:

1. End of New Enrollments: As of February 7, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET, the ACP will no longer process new applications or enrollments.

2. Continued Benefits for Current Participants: If you are already enrolled and receiving the ACP benefit before February 8, 2024, you will continue to receive your discount until the ACP funds are exhausted, provided you remain enrolled. The government estimates that April 2024 will be the final fully funded month for ACP discounts.

3. Impact on Unenrolled Eligible Households: New enrollments will cease starting February 8, 2024. If you are eligible but not yet enrolled, we strongly recommend applying at as soon as possible and completing your enrollment with an internet provider by the February 7 deadline.

Impact on Enrolled ACP Households:

1. Discounted Service Will End: Enrolled households will continue to receive the ACP benefit until the program's funds are exhausted, which the FCC estimates could be as early as April 2024.

2. Changes to your Internet Bill: If the final fully funded month is April of 2024, ACP customers will receive their final $30 per month discount or $75 per month for tribal households on their April 1, 2024, invoice.

3. Flexibility in Service Plans: You may switch your internet plans without penalty. You might find a less expensive plan or inquire about eligibility for another broadband discount program called Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications. Visit

to see if you qualify. You can receive a monthly credit of $17 or more if you qualify for the federal and Kansas Lifeline programs.

Staying Informed and Prepared:

1. Regular Updates: Please check your emails for ongoing updates regarding the ACP.

2. Inquiries and Options: Contact ˿AV Communications for questions about your bill or to discuss available service discount options such as the Lifeline program. To see if you are eligible for discounted internet service through Lifeline, please visit .

3. Additional Information: Visit the FCC’s website at or for FAQs and guidance about the ACP wind-down process.

4. Direct Assistance: Contact the ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575 for further queries.

Remember these Important Dates:

- February 7, 2024: Deadline for ACP application and enrollment.

- Late January 2024: Start of notifications to households about the end of the ACP benefit.

- April 2024: Estimated depletion of ACP funds.

We understand these changes may bring concerns, and we are here to assist you through this transition. ˿AV Communications remains dedicated to providing you with quality internet services and support.

Thank you for choosing ˿AV Communications.